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Peace Presbyterian Church

9145 Franklin Blvd.
Elk Grove, CA 95758

(916) 684-8100 voice
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Please join us for Worship and Children’s Church at 10 am.

Sunday School, “Growth Hour”, at 9 am: classes for all.




What’s the Point?


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  Rev. Brian Spangler, Pastor
  Office Manager


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a member of Sacramento Presbytery, and the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.

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What’s the Point?

It comes down to this... we love this One God, because He first loved us.

That is the difference between God (the Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Yahweh) and all other gods. They require obedience, but do not love you with all your disobedience.

View Romans 5:8 and Titus 3:3-8
--with thanks to BibleGateway.com

How do we get to heaven?

No matter how good you are it is impossible for you to be perfect. So you do not have what it takes to get to heaven even if you could try over and over again. The Bible says, everyone has sinned... everyone has fallen from God’s glory... meaning no one is able to be perfect without God’s help. But, since He really wanted you to get to heaven He had to provide one way you could do it... He paid the price Himself... He came down to earth in a human body -- Jesus -- as a baby, lived a sinless life, and died on a cross... because that was the price for the removal of sin.

Then, He rose from the dead, giving us hope for our own resurrection, as He promised.

“Anyone could have devised a way whereby, people, if they were good could get to heaven. It took a God of love to devise a way whereby all of us as sinners could make it.”
- R. Larry Moyer, 31 Days with the Master Fisherman  

We call on Jesus, because His blood was shed for our sins giving us power and authority against everything that would keep us from being able to surrender to God.

Does it really matter who we worship so long as it makes us feel good?

Why would you worship anyone else if you know that He loves you unconditionally and had all power in heaven and on earth? He loves you even though you rebel against Him, so if you desire to know more, please contact Pastor Brian, or find a Bible-believing church --the Church at Elk Grove has many different denominations-- in which to grow in the name and by the power of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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