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Peace Presbyterian Church

9145 Franklin Blvd.
Elk Grove, CA 95758

(916) 684-8100 voice
(916) 684-7719 fax

Please join us for Worship and Children’s Church at 10 am.

Sunday School, “Growth Hour”, at 9 am: classes for all.




What’s the Point?


Contact us:
  Rev. Brian Spangler, Pastor
  Office Manager


PC-USA link.

a member of Sacramento Presbytery, and the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.

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Jr./Sr. High (7th-12th grades)
and College/Career students.
Bible study, service and worship.


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Get the new youth brochure All Junior High through College/Career Students are welcome to both meetings diving into God’s Promises:

  • Sundays 9 am: Know Him to Make Him Known! Growth Hour in Pastor Brian’s office until further notice.
  • Tuesdays 6:30 pm: in the Youth Modular (ramp side). Please join with us in prayer asking God for guidance in setting up a new ministry.
  • See Calendar for special events listed below.


13 October - Friday 2017. Free event for Junior Highers. Cash for snacks/swag. Be dressed for physical activity and modesty. Bring the signed permission slip to Peace Presbyterian Church. You will be transported to Creekside and your parents can pick you up at Peace.


Get our mailed newsletter: send the church your email address and Find me on Facebook: ask to be added to the YouthAtPeace group for instant updates on trips/events: Sherry L. Kirton. Get a free ESV Bible.

Worship Assistants

Students needed for serving at Sunday Worship 10 am

  • worship assistant (read the Scripture selection and the Assurance of Pardon aloud, hand out the bulletins to all and a gift bag to visitors),
  • musicians (work with Joy Singers in leading the music for worship),
  • children’s church assistant (help the directors with songs, prayer, and stories).
Contact your youth leaders for more information or to volunteer.

Student Leaders

Download the Youth Student Leader Survey. Pass one on to a friend; you can even email it to them. We want to know what you want in your youth group!

Visit the PCUSA youth ministry section at:


Great and helpful articles for Parents. Get the ATF Parent Resources PDF: from Ron Luce. More articles at the website: www.acquirethefire.com/index.cfm/pageid/2384/index.html.

Adult Volunteers Wanted!

Download the Adult Volunteer list. We want to know what you may contribute to your youth group!


Youth @ Peace have learned that our jobs as christians are two-fold: To know Him and to make Him known.
This means that we are to put ourselves into solid study and worship both covered in prayer, and we serve so that others will be set free. For this end we have jumped into two excellent books and we want to serve through artistic outreach:

30 Days to Understanding the Bible by Max Anders is an awesome place to start for anyone who wants to be able to read the Bible and Understand it. It covers the structure of the Old and New Testaments, the geography of the Bible lands, and the important people and events and puts it in a way that you will be able to explain it to someone else whether you are a visual, audial, or active learner... and students are able to put the events and people in chronological order! Plus, it covers the 10 Great Subjects of the Bible helping students to grasp the importance of these doctrines.

the New Christian’s Handbook by Max Anders uses brief chapters to present the basics of Christianity in a systematic theology (it covers it all and in a logical order) taking the student through everything we should know including how to put these doctrines into practical use in real life.

We will need adult volunteers to drive us places, pray for us, study with us, create easy costumes/portable sets for us, and worship with us so if you would like to help, contact Pastor Brian or Sherry K. right away! We need you!