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Peace Presbyterian Church

9145 Franklin Blvd.
Elk Grove, CA 95758

(916) 684-8100 voice
(916) 684-7719 fax

Please join us for Worship and Children’s Church at 10 am.

Sunday School, “Growth Hour”, at 9 am: classes for all.




What’s the Point?


Contact us:
  Rev. Brian Spangler, Pastor
  Office Manager


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a member of Sacramento Presbytery, and the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.

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Prayer and Praise Services


PRAYER SERVICE: every Sunday @ 8:30 am before Growth Hour. Next service.

GROWTH HOUR: every Sunday @ 9 am before Corporate Worship. Next service.

SUNDAY CORPORATE WORSHIP: @ 10 am. Next service.

COMMUNION: first Sunday of each month during Corporate Worship @ 10 am. Next service.

SUNDAY CHILDREN’S CHURCH: during Corporate Worship. Next service.

FRIDAY FUN NIGHT: Friday @ 6pm. Next service.

More Advent, Lent, and Pentecost info. below.


Sunday Worship

Corporate services begin at 10am in the Sanctuary. Children’s Church and Nursery care are offered, yet infants can always remain with you: we do love our Peace babies!
The Sacrament of Communion is offered the first Sunday of the month during the Sunday Corporate Service. If you are homebound or physically unable to celebrate the Lord’s Supper at church please contact the church office to arrange a time for a special visit from the Pastor and/or the Elders to serve you communion at home. Just ask for “Home Communion.”
We also offer Children’s Church.

For Worship Team information, see: Joy Singers.


Have you felt the LORD calling you to pray for others? Have you had a hunger and thirst to learn how to pray for others? If so, please talk to Pastor Brian about being a part of a new prayer team that will be available to pray for others after our Sunday services.


Have you been feeling burned-out, tired, exhausted, burdened, worried, stressed? Jesus invites us to come to Him in prayer, in order to receive release, peace, relief. If you would like prayer for any reason, members of our prayer team, the Session or the Deacons will be available to pray with you immediately after the Sunday service or even during the week if needed. Pastor Brian is also available throughout the week to visit with you and pray with you. Please don’t be afraid to take advantage of the gift of prayer. These prayer times are also confidential if requested.

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

in November
more info. @ www.idop.org
and Voice of the Martyrs @ www.vom.org


Advent wreath.

Advent, meaning COMING, (four Sundays before Christmas day) is the season where we prepare for Christmas day celebrating the coming of the Messiah Child who is Jesus. Purple is the liturgical color for this season recalling the majesty of our King who was born in a manger (a food trough carved into the rock) in a cave used to house animals in the Middle East in the way a wooden stable and trough worked in Europe in later centuries. See more in the book of Luke chapters 1:26 - 2:40.

Christmas Pageant.

Four Sundays of Advent:
At Peace families take turns lighting the Advent candles, leading the readings and preparing us for Christmas Day, 25 December. Come celebrate with us!

During Friday Fun Night, 6-8 pm
. Potluck dinner and a variety of craft projects for the whole family, decorate our Christmas tree and sing Christmas carols together. Bring a potluck dish to share! For more information, contact Rachel S. - begins 29 November 2015.

Our children present the Christmas Pageant during the fourth Advent Sunday More info.

We celebrate the birth of our Lord on Dec. 24 @ 7 pm, in an evening service. Come light your candle with us. Scripture readers needed; please contact Pastor Brian or the Office Manager if you are interested.

Ash Wednesday graphic.


The first day of the Lenten season, Ash Wednesday, gets its name from the custom of marking the foreheads of worshippers with ashes that have been previously blessed. In the Old Testament, ashes were a sign of mourning and of penitence, and in the season of Lent, the ashes remind us of our need to mourn our sin, and of our great need for God’s grace and for the cross. Lent marks the end of the Epiphany Season. Lent’s highlights include Ash Wednesday, and Holy Week beginning with Palm Sunday when we celebrate the Triumphant Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem declaring that He is the Messiah, Maunday Thursday when we celebrate The Lord’s Supper (Passover), Good Friday when we mark His death on the cross, and culminates in Resurrection Sunday, when we worship the only Risen Lord, Jesus! What’s the Point?


Preparation for Resurrection Sunday. Special Services include
Ash Wednesday is 1 March, 2017
Palm/Passion Sunday is 09 April, 2017
Maundy-Thursday (Passover Seder) 13 April, 2017
Good Friday is 14 April, 2017
Resurrection Sunday is 16 March, 2017
@ 7:30 pm
@ 10 am
@ 7:30 pm
@ 7 pm
@ 10 am
Crown of Thorns.


Maundy-Thursday evening we celebrate with a special Worship Service called a Seder (SAY- dur) dinner which commemorates Passover (the Israelites freed from slavery in Egypt and spared from the tenth plague when the angel of death passed over the homes of the faithful- Jesus transformed it into the Lord’s Supper). The service is a sit-down dinner of roasted lamb, bitter herbs, unleavened bread, and the juice of the vine and it begins at sundown with the blowing of silver horns.
The Seder Invitation: can be downloaded, printed or emailed to your friends and family.
What is a Seder?


Three crosses image. Nail in Hand image. commemorates the death of Jesus on the cross as the sacrifice for our sins.

Resurrection Sunday image.


9 am, we celebrate with a fellowship brunch.
10 am, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on the day he arose from the tomb. Lilies decorate the sanctuary in honor of someone or something special to you: $8.00 each. Place your check or cash in the offering plate by Palm Sunday, noting that it is for the lilies and include your dedication, if any. Contact Deacon Phyllis M. if you can donate to the brunch. No Sunday School or Children’s church during this family worship day: children stay in church with their parents.
There is an Easter Egg hunt after the service. Please contact a Deacon about what to bring.


Sunday, 04 June, 2017
Pentecost means 50th day and is when Christians celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the 120 followers in the upper room 50 days after the Resurrection of Jesus (or the seventh sunday after Resurrection Sunday). Red is the liturgical color for this day recalling the tongues of flame in which the Holy Spirit descended. Pentecost occured during the Feast of Weeks (aka Feast of Harvest, and Day of First Fruits) one of the three commanded feasts by God. See more in the book of Acts chapter 2.

The Pentecost offering is taken on Pentecost Sunday. This Presbyterian Church-USA offering began in 1989 as an offering to help children at risk, youth and young adults. Our congregation will keep 40% of this offering to help children in our community; the remainder goes to the national office and is divided between youth and young adult ministries. Show your support by wearing red to church on Pentecost Sunday.