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Peace Presbyterian Church

9145 Franklin Blvd.
Elk Grove, CA 95758

(916) 684-8100 voice
(916) 684-7719 fax

Please join us for Worship and Children’s Church at 10 am.

Sunday School, “Growth Hour”, at 9 am: classes for all.




What’s the Point?


Contact us:
  Rev. Brian Spangler, Pastor
  Office Manager


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a member of Sacramento Presbytery, and the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.

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Growth and Outreach

now part of Mission and Evangelism

Contact Pastor Brian, or an Elder for more information.


Special Outreach Events

See the Upcoming Special Events page for specific events to which you are invited.

For links to many of the projects and services we support, please see the Links page.

Thanks to your generosity, we collected $175.00 and were able to purchase 24 turkeys, totaling $175.82 for the Elk Grove Food Bank for needy families during the holidays. The E.G. Food Bank appreciated your giving. Thanks to Safeway on Laguna Blvd. for helping us.

GET OUR A&E (Announcements and Events) INFO.
Download Ministry Opportunities at our home page. Alpha Invite image.

ALPHA Course

Summer Course began May  2008, evenings. A 10 week course with dinner in basic Christianity for those who would like to explore questions about the meaning of life and faith. Childcare is provided.
Please RSVP by email or phone or FAX to the Church Office so we can properly prepare the meal. $5.00 per person for food and supplies.

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Got questions? Get answers!

ALPHA is for:
Anyone interested in finding out more about the Christian faith
Learning & laughter in a relaxed setting
Pasta and pie (and other food); enjoy a great meal at each meeting
Helping one another by hearing a talk, then discussing it in small groups
Ask anything! No question is too simple or too hostile.

RSVP for dinner count.
Visit the Alpha USA website.
Print/Read your invitation.

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When was the last time you and your spouse had a date? Can you remember the last time you and your spouse talked without the kids listening in? Come and be a part of our 10 Great Dates program starting this September. For 10 straight Friday nights (June 13 - August 22, except for the Fourth of July), couples meet at 6pm in the sanctuary for a DVD date launch, then go on a date from 6:30-8 for discussion and couple time (no movies please). Child care will be provided free by the church from 6pm-8 pm. Please feed your children dinner at home and have them dressed for play/art. The cost is only $13.00 for the workbook. We encourage every married couple to enjoy this special program.
Topics to be included are:

  • how to communicate better;
  • how to to put sizzle back into your love life;
  • how to process anger and resolve conflicts; how to develop spiritual intimacy;
  • how to appreciate differences;
  • how to balance busy lifestyles and more.
Please rsvp at the church office.
more info.

Guest gift bags

A small gift bag is personally given to each visiting guest of our Worship Service along with a contact card so that we may find new needs of our guest(s) and contact the guest(s) at a later date to invite them to other services and get to know them.

Film Night

Our first film night is here. See more info. at the Mission and Evangelism page.

The Peace Presbyterian Church website

See the Web Team page for more information.